The daughter of a humble market gardener, Mariette Van den Munckhof (Vedder) was born in the southern Province Limburg of The Netherlands. Mariette and her six siblings experienced the deprivations of post-war Europe and understood from their earliest years the virtues of hard work and frugal living. Their mother, a master homemaker and craftswoman, passed down many practical and enriching skills such as knitting crocheting and filet lacework. As Mariette grew, she continued to refine and perfect her skills as a domestic artist.


After high school, Mariette attended fashion design school where she was recognized for her great sense of style, her artistic talents, and her keen appreciation of family heirlooms and the experiences they represented. The idea of preserving one's heritage has been a lifetime pursuit for Mariette. From her earliest days, she was drawn to a tasteful lifestyle filled with beauty and fine old things passed down through generations. One great pleasure she fondly recalls is enjoying delicious pâtisserie and coffee served in delicate bone china cups at the home of a beloved great aunt.


Mariette's vast interests and hunger for knowledge led her to studies at a nearby training college founded by Pieter Vedder, an internationally-recognized expert in commercial mushroom production who later worked for many years for the Campbell Soup Company. Mariette and Pieter eventually married and the couple travelled the world teaching, speaking, and introducing training programs that would make positive impacts in the lives of those employed in the food (particularly mushroom cultivation) industry. For his vast contributions in his highly-specialty field, Pieter received the prestigious Sinden Award in 1982. Mariette, herself is also recognized as an expert in mushroom harvesting and quality control, author and seminar speaker.

The Vedders have lived and visited in some of the most fashionable, exotic settings in the world. They have been honored guests at events held in Venetian mansions, French châteaux, Bali island havens, Mandarin and other leading hotels of the world, Irish and British castles. In 1993, Mariette became an American citizen. Her rich life experiences and consummate skills converge to create a brilliant teacher, a wise mentor, and a scintillating conversationalist.


Now retired, Mariette and Pieter enjoy gardening, entertaining, writing and other cultural pursuits in their storybook home in rural Dublin, Georgia, USA. An evening spent at home -- with or without guests - might include a freshly-prepared meal on a well-appointed table set with antique silver, candles and freshly-cut flowers from the garden. Classical music and homemade sweets for dessert complete the picture.

Mariette’s credo, honed from childhood, is: "Romance and good taste is the key to a full life artfully-lived."

Mariette’s Back-to-Basics is so named to honor the memory of a sister, Mariet, who died at birth before Mariette was born.

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