Many of Mariette's Basics and Lifestyle classes are scheduled by appointment. Believing in the importance of one-on-one instruction, class sizes are kept small and intimate. Note that several classes culminate in a special event such as a dinner or class party or tea. Gift certificates for Mariette's classes are available for wedding showers, birthdays, graduation gifts and more!

Pen & Paper

In a fast-paced world where it seems every idea is communicated via email or text message, penning a special note or beautiful letter by hand becomes an art to be preserved. Join Mariette as she introduces the basics of good penmanship and heartfelt communication. Learn why creating an artful communication on paper can lead to deepened thoughts expressed with grace. Afternoons from 2-4 p.m., by appointment.

Includes fine Crane & Company stationery and warm conversation. Included is also tea/coffee.

All ages, 12 years and up

Two Cousins from Two Continents

The basics of good etiquette, speech, grooming and table manners is information every individual should master. Join Mariette for this delightful class, on a Saturday from 3-7 PM. This includes formal dinner.

Especially designed for 10-15 year olds, but older teens and adults are also welcomed. Girls and boys!

$40 (This fee is based on a minimum enrollment of 8 with a maximum of 12).

Just text me for arranging any Saturday.

Especially for New Brides and Brides-to-be Class Series

Learning About Linens

All the secrets of choosing, using, and preserving fine linens that your grandmother and great grandmother were taught as young ladies. Discussion includes choosing environmentally-friendly fabrics for the home, proper linen care and more. Special high quality European linens will be available through Mariette.

Coffee/tea will be served at each class.

All ages 15 and up are welcomed.
9-11 a.m. or 2-4 p.m., by appointment
$30 (This fee is based on the enrollment of at least 2 pp)

Setting a Pretty Table

Is anything more satisfying than setting a beautiful table for family and guests? Learn artful napkin-folding techniques, the use and care of silver and linens, silverware and crystal placement, and how adding special touches like place cards and fresh flowers can make the meal an even more delightful experience.

All ages 15 and up.
1-3 p.m. weekdays, by appointment.
$25 (This fee is based on the enrollment of at least 2 pp)

Charme d'Antan

In home dècor, as in fashion, one must discover her own personal style and learn to build the cozy nest called "home" around it.

For adults of all ages, but mature teens are also welcomed.
1-3 p.m. weekdays, by appointment.
$25 (This fee is based on the enrollment of at least 2 pp)

Creating Heirloom Pieces

Learn to crochet lovely filet lace that can be used as a perfect, decorative touch to garments or as a stand-alone work of art to be handed down through the generations. Ask about Mariette's framing services for your finished piece or for preserving Grandma's heirloom.

2-4 p.m. on weekdays, by appointment
Ages 12 and up

A Stich in Time Wardrobe Care

It's not difficult to hem a garment neatly and invisibly; sew on, reinforce, or change out buttons; and other everyday sewing tasks. Preserve the good looks of everything you and your family wear by mastering these sewing basics and learning how to care for fabrics properly - washing, ironing, storing. A wonderful gift class for brides-to-be or newlyweds!

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